PADI ReActivate

PADI ReActivate™

Been out of water for awhile and yearning to get back into scuba diving? No matter how long you have not dived, you can always re-learn the skills and before you jump straight back into the underwater world of diving. With our new PADI ReActivate™ program, you can always level up on your knowledge and skills you have previously acquired from the PADI Open Water Diver Course without have to re-start all over again. Get back to exploring the wondrous marvels of the sea at your favourite dive sites and we will ensure that you do so under a safe watch of our instructors and dive masters. It is always better to equipped yourself with proper knowledge and safely prepare for a dive.

The PADI ReActivate™ program is customizable and personalizable, allowing you to cover the areas and sections where you will need to refresh your knowledge and skills, you may choose to review a few sections or simply to go through the basics . There will be sufficient time for you to review various topics at your own pace. We will then review important concepts with you and work out various dive scenarios to ensure you have a proper understanding of key dive safety concepts.

Prior to the actual dive, our professional dive instructor will also go through the planning essentials and problem management. Upon completion of both the knowledge and water skills refreshers, we will provide you with the replace certification card with the updated ReActivate date. Its relatively quick and easy. It is suitable for any PADI certified diver who wants ReActivate prior to their pre-dive travel or simply just wants a refresher.

PADI Reactivate Refresher Course
PADI Reactivate Refresher Course
PADI Reactivate Refresher Course

Customizable Learning

Refresh Key Knowledge

Plan Various Dive Scenarios

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