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Raja Ampat Scuba Diving Trip

Why Dive in Raja Ampat?

Strategically located within the Coral Triangle, an area comprising of Malaysia Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, Soloman Islands, and Timor-Leste. Raja Ampat is one of the most species rich bio-diverse marine location known in the scuba diving world. It has incredibly rich underwater environment with healthy and dense coral reefs, allowing abundance of reef fishes and species to freely swim around. There are claims that this is one of the most abundant coral reef ecosystem on earth!


Raja Ampat is located off the northwest tip of the island of New Guinea, and part of the West Papua Province. It is surrounded by a group of 4 main islands: namely Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta and Misool and comprised of an archipelago that consists of over 1500 small islands, cays and shoals.

Raja Ampat Island

Best dive sites in Raja Ampat

One of the highly recommended dive sites in Waigeo Island is Bird Wall which is located south of the island. There are a large congregation of reef fishes, molluscs i.e. nudibranchs and invertebrates are generally scattered throughout the dive site. It has gentle slopes which level off at 30m (100 feet) and has good sunlight visibility condition, providing good opportunities for macro underwater photographers.

Cenderawasih Bay is one of the key highlights dive site when the strong trade winds comes. Explore the World War II ship wrecks and scuba dive along the spectacular whale sharks.

At Manta Ridge, it is a normal sight to spot around 10 to 12 manta rays or even more! The strong current from deep waters carries large quantities of zooplankton, thus attracting many of these large 7m (23 feet) wide creatures in large quantity.

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Marine life

Scuba diving here in Raja Ampat provides an exceptional experience as many of the marine life are left untouched due to low human activities within the region. Till date, 537 corals, approximately 700 mollus specis as well as over 1,500 species of fishes have been recorded! You will be able to see nudibranchs, whales, turtles, lionfish, trevallies, rays and many more sea creature during your dive. Almost all of the hard coral species within the Coral Triangle could be found in Raja Ampat.

Experience Required

You will experience quite a fair bit of drift diving due to the constant currents. It is recommended to hold at least an advance certification when diving in Raja Ampat. We would likely recommend you to bring along your Safety Marker Buoy with finger spool to allow boat crew to be able to spot your location in the event of unplanned ascents.

Best time to dive in Raja Ampat

Due to rainy seasons in Raja Ampat that falls between July to August, most dive travels tend to visit Raja Ampat between October to April. Water temperature are fairly warm at 27 Degree Celcius or 81 Fahrenheit. Between July to September period, there could be strong winds which may cause larger currents in the sea water. Between November to April, plankton blooms may occur due to warmer water temperature which reduces visibility. However, this phemonemon will also result in increased activities on the reefs and you may be able to see schools of mantra rays.

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Charmaine's Testimonial

"We were well taken care of from the start to finish - thanks to Brandon. Brandon provided excellent and clear instructions every step of the way, and made sure all the logistics from the moment we landed to the designated diving resort were smooth all the way through. As a dive instructor, he kept stressing on safety and was able to manage a diverse group of divers. It was a truly memorable diving experience."

- Charmaine Chua


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I have known Brandon for 6 months and been on 3 dive trips with him. The experience was easy and hassle free. I was provided with detailed information and crucial elements for each trip. Brandon has great wealth of experience and knowledge having been to many of these dive locations. I have complete trust in Brandon and I highly recommend to use him when planning your next dive trip.  

- Michael Fantin

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