Pulau Tenggol

Diving in Pulau Tenggol

Diving in Pulau Tenggol

Pulau Tenggol is a small island located across the South China Sea and approximately 26km from the south coast of Kuala Dungun (Terengganu State) in Malaysia. It is among the last stretch of islands comprising of Pulau Perhentian and Pulau Redang. Stretching across 50 hectares around 3km in length and 2km in width, this island has more than 20 dive sites. This island was previously uninabited and is famous for whale shark sighting during the monsoon period.

Pulau Tenggol enjoys warm climate and good visibility around 20m, allowing you to experience truly enjoyable dives. It is no wonder that Pulau Tenggol was once touted as “The Best Diving in Malaysia Peninsular”. There are plenty of diversified underwater marine species and extensive coral reefs. In addition, you will get to explore the splendid rock formations which is truly breath taking. Diving in Pulau Tenggol is nothing short of exciting and adventures, with the pristine and gorgeous coral reefs being home to many various marine species.

Experience Level

It encompasses dive sites with various experience levels. For more advance divers looking for options to do their wreck diver, drift diver, or deep diver speciality courses, Pulau Tenggol is offers you various dive sites to do so. It is also suitable for underwater photographers looking for macro shots.

What To Expect

When diving in Pulau Tenggol, you can expect to sight sea creatures such as Trevallies, Fusiliers, Nudibranchs, Double-headed Parrotfish, Eagle Rays, Black-tipped reef shark, barracudas, whale sharks and many more. Enjoy each dive site embracing various types of coral reefs and and exuberant bio-marine life.

Best Time To Dive

Scuba diving in Pulau Tenggol is an activity that can be experienced all year round. The recommended diving period is during the dry season which is expected around March to October. Whale shark sightings have occassionally occurred during the months from September to October as Pulau Tenggol is along the whale sharks’ migration route. Weather conditions generally tend to be harsher between October to February.

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Diving Conditions

While scuba diving can be done all year round, the recommended dive season is from March to October each year. This dry season will provide you good visibility of up to 20 meters or so. Currents and winds are generally within acceptable range and suitable for new divers trainees taking their Open Water Diver Course.

Dive Sites

Within Pulau Tenggol, there are various dive sites offer amazing wreck dives for advanced divers as well as those interested in drift diving and deep diving. With plenty of diverse sea bed reefs and fish species, the splendid underwater coral architecture and marvelous rock formation to explore makes it one of the key places to dive in Malaysia. Some of the islands to explore are:

  1. Coral Garden
  2. Five Sisters
  3. Rajawali Reef
  4. Tanjung Pasir
  5. Teluk Air Tawar
  6. Tokong Timur
  7. Turtle Point

Getting There

Fly to Kuala Teregganu Airport then catch a taxi to Dungun or take a bus from Kuala Lumpur to Dungun or Drive to Dungun Jetty


With tropical warm waters and clear underwater clarity, this isolated island of Pulau Tenggol along the east coast of Malaysia is a hidden gem providing exciting dive adventures and allows you to explore may different species of underwater marine life. Learn how to scuba dive or join us for a fun dive at Tenggol and explore the wonders of this island and its surround seas.

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